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Africa PANAM Pan American

Africa PANAM Pan American

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Ankara fabric is and African wax printed fabric. Women still use these fabrics as a method of communication and expression, designs are used as a shared language and have widely understood meanings. African-owned by the mid-1900s, the designs were given catchy names and over time the prints have become increasingly African-inspired. Ankara fabric is proudly worn as formal wear by leaders, diplomats, and the wealthy population.

Designer name and registration number of the design is printed on the fabric which authenticates the design and indicates the quality of the fabric. The wax fabrics constitute capital goods for the African women. Therefore, they are collected depending on the financial possibilities. Ankara fabric designs have influence on the international world of fashion and are an inspirational source for many significant designers.

The process to make Ankara was influenced by batik, an Indonesian (Javanese) method of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques. The Batik Process uses melted wax and then applied in a pattern across cloth. The cloth is then soaked in dye and the fabric where the wax is not applied receives the colour. The wax 'resists' the dye and what is not died becomes part of the design. This 'wax-and-soak' process is repeated with additional colours creating extra layers of patterns.

Ankara is slightly differing from Batik, designs are created by a Dutch wax method. The Dutch method was created during the colonisation of Indonesia in the 1800's and an bright spark, hoping to flood the market in Europe saw the opportunity of cheap labour and cheap machine-made "Imitation Batik". The inferior quality of the Dutch imitation wax-resist fabrics did not catch on in Europe. All was not lost however, the Dutch also traded in West Africa. And so, the Dutch Wax Prints quickly integrated into African apparel.
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